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Posted on Tue 1st of September at 8:43 am

Elimination Final Catering Van

Hi would anyone knows of someone that has a food catering van
that we could borrow for the elimination final on sunday 6th Sept. It would be used as a
second canteen near the netball. Even if the club could hire it very cheaply.
If you could contact Kazz Bennett - 0427399516 if you have any ideas.

Hi everyone,

We still need a few holes filled in rosters for the Elimination final on
Sunday. I will give you a list of jobs and hopefully someone can fill the
gaps for me

I need 5 people to make salad rolls and sandwiches from 7am-10am
8 people for canteen duty from 8am-11am
3 people for canteen duty from 11am-2pm
7 people for canteen duty from 2pm-finish

1 person for lollie stall from 8.30am - 11am
2. ". ". ". 11am - 2.30pm
1 ". ". ". ". 2.30pm - finish

1 person for hot chips from 10.30am - 1.30pm

Please call me or text me if you can help on 54573262 /0402910912

We will be doing food prep on Friday and setting up of the grounds. If you
can come along and help, that would be great. We will also doing prep and
last minute setting up on Saturday morning.
If you can't work maybe you can donate 5 kilos of onions, couple of bags of
coleslaw and dressing, a kilo of bacon or a couple of doz eggs. These
donations increase our profit margin.

Geoff Kendall is looking after the car parking roster. If you can help
there please give Geoff a call on 0428 449923 and Col. Shepherd is doing
the bar.

It is really important that everyone chips in and does their bit to make
this day a success

Look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks,

Kathie Alexander

Equipment needed
Ride on mowers
Hand mowers
Whipper snipper
Start time 1.00pm Wednesday the 2/09/2015
Then set up on Friday at 1.00pm
Contact Col for any further information.